Individual Excellence

Personal Development
Individual Excellence

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Master 12 career enhancing skills including goal setting, time management, personal organization, creativity, financial matters, and conflict resolution. This course will help you achieve individual excellence by developing a fulfilling career plan and gaining the skills to improve all your interpersonal relationships.

Personal development is key to success in and out of the workplace. You can develop career-enhancing skills in a single course that covers twelve popular one-day seminar topics, including goal setting, time management, and personal organization. You will learn how to improve your creative abilities, gain confidence with financial matters, and how to minimize conflict in your life. By the time you finish this course, you will have developed a fulfilling career plan and will hold the skills to improve your interpersonal relationships.

6 Weeks / 24 Course Hrs / 3 Month Access

Includes Certificate of Completion from Webster University


What You Will Learn

  • Understand goal setting, time management, and personal organization
  • Learn how to improve your creative abilities, gain confidence with financial matters, and how to minimize conflict
  • Learn how to develop a useful career plan
  • Learn to become a better communicator using both written and verbal communication

How The Course is Taught

  • Self paced online course
  • 6-12 weeks to complete
  • 24 course hours
  • 3 Months of Access

How You Will Benefit

  • Develop a fulfilling career plan
  • Learn how to improve relationships with co-workers, friends, and family
  • Become a better and more confident communicator
  • Increase productivity and accomplish a greater number of objectives

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5 Reasons Why You Should
Take An Online Course

With schedules all in an uproar, and more people staying home, now is the best time to take an online course:

  • Study on your schedule: Online courses are structured to allow you to learn on your schedule - day or night. They are self-paced.
  • You can study from home: All you need is an internet connection.
  • You brush up on skills: The needs of business are constantly changing. Take some time to refresh your knowledge.
  • These are needed topics: From web design to personal finance, these courses will help you both personally and professionally.
  • Right now, they are free: Webster University wants to help you with your ongoing professional development. These courses are provided at no-cost to you.

Military Spouse?

We know balancing a family is challenging and we want to help you focus on your career too. Webster University is committed to empowering the spouses of those serving our country.

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